Its cold outside....

Oh baby it’s cold outside, winter is upon us, and it’s time to layer up and bring in the rich. Rich in the way of colours, texture and layers. So, can we just talk about the warmth and depth of the new range @luxeandbeau. They are seductive, sultry and tempting. 

The blues and smokey black together. Golds, yellows, greens, are bringing the outside in. Gasp! So stunning. 

Mix it up with animal prints, floral and gold BEES (insert HUGE gasp here, we need to SAVE our bees). Oh my heart, the absolute lushness....

Don’t be afraid to mix pattern and colour. Every room needs a focal point. You can create it with cushions, using variations in style, colour and texture. There are no rules ! 

Lana Hannan

June 05, 2019 — Georgina beaumont