Seasonal Styling

Every season I always love to mix things up in my home to keep it fresh and beautiful! 

A home cannot stay the same all year round or it begins to feel stale. 

We have a few fail safe methods to freshen up your pad without spending lots of money.

1. Move around your furniture - change it from room to room, bring out a piece from a bedroom, living area or study and have a play! 


2. Add some new cushions -  every season I think we feel like having different colours and textures around us! Its so lovely to have a new look that you can pull out when entering into the warmer months or a gorgeous heavy textured throw for winter. 



3. Mix up your styling! I find the best way is to take everything off the table or bookshelf you want to style and have a good look around the rest of the room / house for new items to bring in and piece together! 

I give my house a good re-style or re-merch every 2 months.


A house should not be stagnant or it becomes boring and stale. We want beautiful fresh looks that move and change.  

L & B xox


January 18, 2017 — Georgina beaumont