Georgina Beaumont, the driving force behind Luxe and Beau, is a true industry luminary in the world of fabric design and homeware innovation. Hailing from the idyllic countryside of New South Wales, Australia, Georgina's upbringing among the breathtaking landscapes and rich natural hues of her homeland has deeply influenced her creative journey. This connection to her roots is evident in every piece she creates for Luxe and Beau, as she effortlessly captures the timeless charm of rural Australia in her designs.


Her bold vision and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries within the industry have set Luxe and Beau apart as a brand known for its innovative use of patterns, colours, and a deep appreciation for the quintessentially Australian aesthetic. 


Her dedication to creating captivating tableware, sumptuous cushions, enchanting sleepwear, and more has not only enriched our collections but also cemented Luxe and Beau's reputation as a trailblazer in the world of homewares. Georgina's passion for design and her commitment to infusing her rural heritage into every creation have made Luxe and Beau a destination for those seeking to transform their living spaces with elegance and style.

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